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Hanna is available on Thursday afternoon in the Jordaan. She is available on Friday morning in Noord.

“Connect with your inner story to empower yourself”

This is the starting point for all my sessions. Whether you come for a Holistic Coaching, Therapeutic, Massage or Kundalini Reiki session. I invite you to come home to yourself, to embrace that which is and to start moving again from there. Mind, body and spirit connected.

International coaching courses from 2013 onwards have given me the tools to create a space in conversation on what needs to be heard. So that you can see it, feel it and break through patterns. You can hear your inner voice and (re) discover your own inner strength.
My sessions are holistic. Holistic means that the total aspect of your being are incorporated. Everything – mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually – is interwoven and provides insight to you. So why not use it all!

The basis for my holistic vision has been laid by professional massage trainings in Asia since 2008 and further developed in the Netherlands. Massage as a tool to create space in the body as well heart and head so you can remove blockages. Yoga stretches, acupressure and breathing techniques are used interchangeably to release stress and create body awareness.

A Coaching & Massage session is unique because it touches you on a physical, mental and energetic level. You are invited in conversation and at the table to look at where you get stuck, in what areas of your life. Insight creates space to make other choices, choices that serve you. So that you will experience balance and flow again.

More about Hanna: www.hannalou.com


Hanna is the best! With her Coaching&Massage sessions, I became aware of how the disconnection between my mind and body has been impeding my personal growth for years. With her spiritual guidance and loving presence, I gained confidence to embrace my suppressed fears & emotions, and start healing my inner child (and much more effectively than in psychotherapy sessions!). I am really grateful for her chaperoning me in this journey towards self-discovery and healing. - Feride

My sessions with Hanna are a gift. I opt for the ‘coaching and massage’ combination. First, Hanna offers a pleasant listening ear and asks good questions that make me think. In a gentle way she gives me tools to improve my life. Afterwards she massages and while she does massage she occasionally says, certainly not too much, wise things that end up deep in my subconscious. As a result, the wise words continue to pass for days and weeks at the right times. Such as the simple: “Can it be there?” I now manage to embrace what I couldn’t embrace before. If you don’t want to talk at all, you can. Then enjoy her super nice massage. You come to a deep rest and leave the building charged! - Ariane

I recently had a massage with Hanna and it was one of the best massages I have ever had, and I have had many!
Everything was perfect and I left feeling completely relaxed, balanced and calm. Thank you! - Tianjin

Hanna you are amazing!! Wonderful massage, very relaxed and loving. A gift to yourself! - Neeltje


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